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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 22 Recap

Before we go into tonight's show, I'm going to be brutally honest. Nothing that happens tonight matters. Yes, tonight's episode will end with Becky's big plan coming to fruition, but if you've watched the feeds the last 24 hours or so you'll understand that it just doesn't matter. Trainwreck's plan to target the most combustible person in the house came undone without that person even planting the seeds to save herself.

I'll still go through the motions, though, as we go through plenty of self-assured smiles, biting paranoia, an entertaining POV, and a POV meeting that at the time appeared to be can't-miss TV. So let's get this over with by joining the cast as they react to Becky's nominations of Steve and Shelli.

In case you forgot about Becky's plan, she starts the show off by reminding us that Vanessa is actually her target. Vanessa hugs Steve, who says he feels "uncomfortable". Honestly, that's how he usually feels...and so does the viewers that have to endure the "weird Steve" updates. Yet Steve again, just like on Sunday, informs us that Becky is his target. Vanessa, meanwhile, is still ranting on how Becky wouldn't make a deal with her. She feels it's an indication that she could be a replacement nominee.

Becky invites Shelli up to the HOH, and the sad piano music drifts into the mix again. Yep, we have ot hear about Clay once again, and how Shelli is alone and promises to have "guns blazing". Becky reiterates that she's going after Vanessa, and we get more "blood on my hands" talk. Shelli giggles and hugs Becky.

And we get another weird Steve update. He's juggling oranges, and then starts talking to the cameras. "I've been saying this for weeks but I want to get rid of Becky." Come on. Get off it.

We now see Vanessa coming into the bedroom to talk to Shelli. She says she doesn't trust anybody in the game, and Shelli complains in the diary room that this puts her in a bad spot since she inows the real plan. Vanessa wants Shelli to let Vanessa win POV, so that they both can be saved.

At this point, we get the filler of Jackie taking off her armour. Wow, we're only ten minutes into the show and we've already had way too much unnecessary silliness. At least we got to see a Jackie strip tease, which of course was exciting for James.

Shelli is now shown doing what she does most of the day (messing with her hair), and Steve takes the opportunity to chat with Vanessa. She now tells Steve that she also wants him to pick her if he gets "house guest choice" for the POV.

Now we get Shelli and John talking, and Shelli asks him if he knows about the plan. He admits that he does, and says in the diary room that he needs to become close to Shelli. Shelli asks what she should do if she gets "house guest choice", and he wants her to pick him. He also promises to veto her if he wins. Shelli is worried about being next to Vanessa on the block, and James says that he'll let Steve know that he's going to save her.

JohnnyMac does just that, and tells him the entire plan. Steve freaks out in the diary room, as he obviously doesn't want Vanessa on the block. Steve is also a bit upset when he finds out that JohnnyMac plans to save Shelli instead of him. "Do you think I'm safe?", asks Steve. "You haven't won anything", replies John, who adds in the diary room that Steve is nuts to think he's this amazing super player. He continues to butter up Steve by saying that he enjoys working with him. As the scene ends, Steve again talks to the camera. "My two closes allies hate each other. I have no idea what to do. Mom, I need you right now" (Why is CBS showing us so much Steve footage these past two episodes?)

After commercials, we get a shock of the rubber ducky before heading into more useless footage. This time, it's all about Liz and Austin, the "last showmance standing". We even get the romantic music as Liz admits that she has grown to like him. Gross. She wants him to chop off his ponytail beard, though. The only entertainment is Julia watching in disgust from the hot tub.

It's now time to pick POV players. Becky pulls out Austin, Shelli gets houseguest choice...and chooses Vanessa! She says in the diary room that she hopes she didn't piss off John and Becky, but she "had to go with my gut". John adds that he's "freaking out. You're going to mess with this whole plan." Steve pulls Meg's name, who promises to "rock this veto". Yeah, right.

In the bedroom, John and Steve discuss Shelli's shocking move. Steve's not happy, as that means Vanessa will use it on her instead of him. John then walks into the other bedroom, and Shelli apologizes. He accepts her apology, but complains in the diary room. Ugh, and again we get Shelli whning about Clay being gone, and she says that Vanessa playing for her is her best chance to save herself.

Once another set of commercials run, there's more Austin and Liz silliness. Oh wait, it's James and Jackie silliness as he walks in on her in the bathroom. "Meg, I wish it was you!"

Then it's POV time! It's the return of the comic book competition. It's a timed game, where they all have to study cartoons of each of the cast as they fly down a zip line. They then have to match the comics in the correct order, and there are also phony versions.

Meg goes back, and as usual brags how she's going to do really great...and then fails. Actually, we get way too much Meg as she narrates her entire experience. This narration is repeated through all of the contestants, along with some self-deprecating jokes, so let's just fast forward to the results. To do that, though, we also have to skip another round of commercials. Meg's time is 15:36, Becky is 17:02, Shelli got 25:31, Austin was at 21:20, Steve took the lead at 13:47, and Vanessa's is 21:44. Steve has won POV! Not only is Steve ecstatic, but Becky is also happy as she can put her plan into place.

Back in the house, Vanessa asks James if the plan for putting up John is still in place. "We all gave our words", she says. "It's a no-risk play." James plays dumb, but says that Becky hasn't talked to him. "Don't bullshit me", Vanessa complains. "You've got a guilty look on your face." James continues to say he hasn't talked to Becky, and Vanessa says she'll really be pissed if Becky changes things up. She decides to go talk to Becky.

James runs into the have-not room to complain about Vanessa's interrogation. "I just got out of the devil's lair", he tells Jackie and Meg. He goes over the story, and the two girls groan when he says that he suggested talking to Becky.

Meanwhile, Vanessa does just that. She heads up to the HOH, and says she's concerned. "I'm no dummy, and I know JohnnyMack is a friend of yours." She starts talking a mile a minute, so I won't even try to keep up. Bottom line, she knows that she's a possibile target. Becky just smiles and shakes her head, but says in the diary room that she owes her nothing. "Vanessa, you were paranoid last week, too. You are paranoid every week. This is a game." Vanessa asks if she's going up, and Becky responds, "no". Vanessa continues to ramble on and on and on.

Back in the have-not room, Austin asks what's going to happen. Vanessa then walks in as everybody is giggling, and Meg says they "were discussing business". Vanessa says that she believes Becky is going to "follow through", and Jackie asks why wouldn't it? Vanessa offers a deal, and Jackie again responds that she thought they already did make a deal. In the diary room, Vanessa celebrates. "I'm going to be here another week, bitches!"

Once she leaves the room, Becky fills them in on the HOH conversation. "Vanessa, you're going home!" Well...we will see about that.

There's one more set of adverts before the POV meeting. Steve calls everybody in...and obviously takes himself down from the block. Becky then stands up, and says "this has been a personal decision for my game. Vanessa, please take a seat." Once she sits down, Becky continues on. "In the house, I have such a hard time knowing out who you're with in this room and who you're against. I feel that you are so influential, and you can spin amazing deals and make plans and influence HOH moves. But I've also learned that when people need you the most, you drop them like that if it does not benefit your game. This is the reason why I feel you should be sitting on that seat today."

Wow, that was interesting...but again, doesn't really matter (as you'll see tomorrow). We head out of tonight's episode with Vanessa crying in the diary room that she's "hurt because she gave her word and broke it. I thought she was a logical person and not emotional. I mean, the way she just treated me was downright disrespectful for no reason." She still has "plays to make", though. None of the rest of the commentary really matters, so we'll drop it at this point.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Now that Becky's plan is falling apart on the feeds, do you think she's long for this game? Who would you rather see go home?


  1. Shelli going to jury for sure! And hope Steve follows her in the DE but it may be some type of PoV puzzle thingy like Ian won during DE on BB14 that will save him.

  2. Feeds went down as they were shown some video clips of some sort. Looks like it's a memory thing, and I wouldn't be surprised if Steve ends up winning it.

  3. Steve said he was going to throw the HOH comp. not sure why he would do that at this point.

  4. I didn't get that either. Why is he throwing it?

  5. He gets in his own head a lot.