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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

Look at that, two updates in a row. I must be feeling guilty over abandoning you over the entire weekend! haha ;)

I was kind of prepared for a mostly boring night in the house since all the major happenings are over, but it was kind of interesting despite that. This mostly stems from the fact that the JCrew (which is what I call Jackie/James/Meg) believe that Shelli is the main target and the one the house will be voting out whereas Vanessa has got Austin, Julia, Liz and Steve on board to evict Clay instead.

As noted in last night's update, Austin does want to tell James that they've decided to evict Clay instead of Shelli but wasn't sure how to go about doing it. Tonight Vanessa and Austin tried to plant a few seeds regarding that.

It all started when Jackie came across Vanessa, Austin and the twins in the purple room (which I've been calling the grey room all this time but just found out the house guests refer to it as the purple room and so now I shall too). Vanessa had been talking game and panicked a bit at being 'caught'. She immediately followed Jackie into the Have Not room and confirmed wanting to have a meeting in the HOH room later to finalize a plan/alliance for next week just in case it's double eviction. Double eviction is weighing rather heavily on these house guests mind the last few days for whatever reasons. This actually ended up sketching Jackie out enough that she and James retreated to the HOH room to start discussing things. Meg and Becky joined them shortly afterwards. Their discussion makes it very clear they have little trust in Vanessa/Austin/twins but just enough that may do them in if either Jackie or Meg don't win HOH. James had probably the best quote of the night "Whatever groups Vanessa starts aren't solid. She always flips the script."

They spend the next little while discussing next week and how they want it play out if it turns out to be a double eviction. The entire discussion goes on the assumption that Shelli will be voted out and Clay staying and so it basically amounts to nothing. Meg mentions that she thinks they're starting to lean towards keeping Shelli and Feisty Jackie came out "No, no! Fuck that! That's not how this works, they know the rules!"

I think subconsciously James knows, he keeps saying "one of them is going home" as opposed to "Shelli is going home" but that could be me giving his subconscious too much credit. ;) Meg, it pains me to say, makes an excellent point in stating "do we trust the other side enough to target floaters (referring to JMac/Steve) or do we just attack them." I'm a teeny tiny bit interested in what Meg would do if she won HOH. I honestly don't think she'd target Clay because she secretly likes him and wants him to motor boat her breasts. (just my opinion! haha) Meg goes on to say she'd target Austin while James thinks the target should be Vanessa. Becky makes the observation that there's no real point in thinking about DE until they know who wins HOH. Meg repeatedly says she doesn't want to be taken for a fool.

I checked into a Jmac/Clelli conversation in the back yard for a moment here. I'd like to point out that JMac's closeness to Clelli has been noted and he's notched up higher on most of the other's hit lists in terms of targets. In this conversation, JMac says he'd go after Jackie. Look, I love JMac; I've said repeatedly how adorkable I find him, for whatever weird reason, but he is NOT playing what you'd call a good game. His 'independent' game they've all talked about has garnered him negative attention and has made him an expendable minor target.

Austin joins the HOH room and then James literally goes on the balcony and YELLS for the twins because James is subtle like that. ;) Vanessa joins them as well. There is a looooong discussion between all of them (James, Jackie, Meg, Becky and Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia) over next week's plans. This crew goes over and over different plans, but all initially with the presumption that Shelli is gone. Finally, at one point Vanessa begins to lay the groundwork to let the other group know that they may keep Shelli. She brings up her promise to Clay (that she'd evict him). It eventually gets to the point where she states she thinks in this scenario 'since it doesn't make a difference and we'll target whichever one of them stays next week' everyone should vote individually and should just vote for whomever they think will keep them safe this week. This is also her attempt to lay the groundwork for Austin and the twins to be able to vote to evict Clay.

I noted this on twitter so I want to just throw this in here as well to give an example of JMac's game: I switched feeds really quick to where Steve and JMac were talking in the lounge room and I caught them just as JMac ws saying he doesn't think there's any game talk going on at this the group of 8 discusses double eviction and possibly targeting him. Oh boy.

Now back to HOH room. Vanessa tries a variety of strategies to put a target on Clay for the JCrew, but they consistently shoot the down:

     Vanessa: Clay has been more vocal about wanting you out James.
     James: I've beat Clay three times in competitions, he's gotta win to do it.

     Vanessa: Clay wants to go home. He cried and made me promise to vote him out.
     Meg: So we'll send him home next week.

    Vanessa: So do we want to vote out someone [referring to Shelli] who will be a bigger target for us next week?
     James: Why would we keep someone in who has a better chance of winning HOH?

There weren't any cams on Vanessa's face, but I can imagine that internally she was screaming! ;) haha In the end, this lovely little group of 8 decided that Shelli will go and Clay will be DE target. Vanessa went to each of them, individually in front of each other to demand they give their word, since she's giving her word and her word is her bond you know!

At the end of this there is some minor dispersing. The twins head out to the hot tub where Julia, the prettier, smarter and more fun twin (In my admittedly and completely biased opinion! teehee) states that after that meeting, she's leaning more towards doing what the house wants; she wouldn't mind Clay staying since he'd target Austin and get him out of the way for them. (Liz is tellingly silent when Julia says this btw. I think Austin has imprinted on her with all of that stroking and pawing) She then goes on to say how much she respects Vanessa's opinion though and so they'll talk with her before making a final decision.

Jackie stays and begins a huge rant about Vanessa, questioning her, her motives and her tactics. It was kind of funny because she was just getting on a roll when Vanessa walked back into the HOH and Jackie had to put her game face back on really quickly. *IF* (and that's a big if) Jackie or Meg win HOH, Vanessa just might be in a little bit of trouble. See how fast things can change in the house? In last's night update I mention that Vanessa is in a really good spot right now, tonight we find out just how much Jackie, James, Meg and Becky are actually on to her. Vanessa attempted to do some Audrey'ing but Jackie basically called her out on it "You don't want to vote her out this week but you're saying if you won HOH next week you'd be willing to put her [Shelli] on the block?" James does in the end give Vanessa 'permission' to vote for Shelli to stay, since he doesn't think Shelli deserves to go with a unanimous vote against her. Vanessa also asks him if Shelli ever threw her under the bus and James is truthful and says that she hasn't, that he's aware of. Vanessa stutters and stammers a bit and then exits HOH.

After Vanessa leaves, Becky rejoins them and she goes along with the anti-Vanessa sentiment in the room at that moment. She continues to harp about how she's bitter she had to distance herself from them while she was on the block against Jason, and it was ALL because of Vanessa. I'm not sure if Becky is still being a double agent or not, I had read earlier that she told JMac that she was going to align with Jackie/James/Meg but who really knows at this point. Apparently James fell asleep during Becky's rant though, haha. "Did I just fall asleep on Becky? I've no idea what the heck she was just saying."

This all leads up to THE MOST EXCITING PART OF THE NIGHT Y'ALL! I can't believe I managed to hold myself back from telling you until just now because it's just that juicy and exciting!! [this is complete sarcasm by the way, just in case you couldn't tell]. CLAY AND SHELLI HAVE THEIR FIRST KISS!! Whoa! Shelli has been denying Clay this whole time they've been engaged in their 'showmance', stating she didn't want their first kiss to be on camera. I'm not sure if it's being on the block together that changed her mind, or if Clay said something that helped her change her mind , since one moment the cams were on JMac and Steve and the next they were on already kissing and canoodling cousins Clay and Shelli! (I couldn't resist that comparison, sorry!)

And so I shall end this little update here. When I left to begin writing this, Vanessa had taken Julia into the comic room to do some jedi drilling for possible memory comps. They are going over days, competitions etc. Clay and Shelli were doing a little more lip smacking in the back yard and Jackie had left HOH to go to the bathroom while Meg was showering.

I'm not sure if I'll do an update tomorrow, I think it will truly depend on if anything exciting happens. As it stands, I'm fairly certain Vanessa does NOT intend to keep her double eviction deal with the other side. I believe that they will still vote to evict Clay and are banking on one of them winning HOH. They'll try to appease the other side by putting up Shelli, but it'll just be another fake out. They intend to put JohnnyMac up with her and vote Johnny out instead. I will be watching the feeds though, so you can follow me on twitter @Shienara33 where I will regale you with my witty banter, keen observations and pointless opinions. ;) And of course, if anything dramatic or exciting does happen, I'll let you know!

What do you all think? Does the JCrew side stand a chance? Are Clelli going to make it to second base before one of them is evicted? Can John do anything to get himself off the radar? Is Vanessa making the right choice by wanting to blindside them by keeping Shelli? Can anyone on the live feeds kiss without making those gross, horrible slurping sounds?! ;)


  1. I'd vote out Shelli. She's the more dangerous of the 2.

    1. Fully agree. From a HG/game perspective, the smartest move for almost all of them (except Vanessa) is to vote out Shelli. People have been waffling today though so maybe we'll see that result after all.

  2. The emptiness in Becky's head is awe inspiring. You should have hung in a little longer. A little after 3AM eastern Vanessa told the story of her ex husbands death to JMac and a twin. It was quite chilling and whatever you think of her you have to respect her going through something like that. I'm a big Vanessa fan from the beginning of her Lady Maverick poker career in 2005 but hearing her tell that story makes me think she is quite special.

    1. Oh wow, I bet that was intense. He passed away from cancer didn't he?

  3. Love her or hate her, you have to give Vanessa props that she is at least playing the game, even if it is with reckless abandon! Long time feeders love us some reckless abandon!

    1. Oh I definitely give her props! It's so nice to finally have a season with a few hard core gamers and strategizers, even if what they do doesn't always make sense to us arm chair critics! lol Vanessa has got game, but a few other do too. Shelli certainly does, James would be killer if he could grasp other's group dynamics and Feisty Jackie (after sleeping away the first few weeks) also has potential. I'm really enjoying the feeds this season! :)