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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 20 Recap

After the thrills of last night's episode, I'm ready for a major letdown. I just know how CBS operates. We'll get plenty of "sad piano music" as the two lovers await their fate. I will put my life savings on a segment devoted to profiles of both Clay and Shelli's families that will be sickenly sweet about their future together. Even worse, there's no doubt that host Julie Chen's post-eviction interview will focus more on their relationship than any game moves. Plus, we've been promised a "surprise" Hitmen reunion, which nobody outside of those two bozo's families are excited to see.

Yet this episode could be so much more. There's so much to explore, especially given that the house will be going against their own self-interests in the person they're choosing to kick out. Only Vanessa is bound to benefit from what is going to happen.

Plus, there was some excitement on the feeds a few hours before tonight's show. Vanessa, who can't let a day go by without stirring up some unnecessary drama, created some more today. Her non-stop mouth led to a confrontation between Clay and James that saw Clay threatening to punch the diminuitive hillbilly. There were other confrontations, and now Vanessa is convinced that Clay is related to JohnnyMac. Or, as she said to the two of them, they're "gay lovers". You just can't make this up.

So let's get going, kicking off with the aftermath of James, as expected, not using the POV on either Shelli or Clay. For some reason, Clay says that James not using the veto is "kicking a dog when it's down". What does that even mean? He says "there's no way in hell I'm going to campaign against this girl". Shelli hugs Jackie, and asks that the house not make it awkward. "Awkwardness begins", counters Liz in the diary room. In case you forgot, there's two pairs in the house, although she says her pair is with her sister.

Outside, James says he's "confident" that his alliance will boot Shelli. Meanwhile, the sad piano music comes on as the lovebirds whine about how they only have four days left together. Oh boo hoo! Seriously, this is sickening. Vanessa is laying near them, and she says she feels terrible. Her preference is to keep Shelli, and Shelli also says she's going to do what is necessary to survive.

Meanwhile, James is informing Austin everything that Clay and Shelli told him earlier in the week. Austin says that he was never a target, denies the Sixth Sense alliance, and he's pissed that they sold him out. "This was a classless move." Austin then grabs Vanessa and informs her what James just told him. "They blew up our game", complains Vanessa.

Back in the house, Vanessa is sitll fuming. She talks to Shelli in the have-not room about what Austin just told her, and she denies it. All she told James was the silliness about wanting to nominate James. She also uses the moment to campaign to stay over Clay, and Vanessa promises to help.

After a bit of fun banter between the twins, Shelli comes storming out to fix the situation with Austin and the twins. She claims that James "totally backed me up against the wall" (lie). Julia isn't really buying it, and says that James "totally played me". Yeah, right. Austin is still not happy, but he's not going to "ruin the sixth sense alliance over something small". Vanessa agrees. "We're going to be even closer and stronger." The twins agree, and Shelli is a happy girl once again.

Commercial time, and we come back to the stupid couple cuddling outside...and then kissing. Come on, this is bullshit. Gross.

Meanwhile, the rest of the house is upstairs, and James wants to know how everybody is going to vote. He wants to evict Shelli, and Austin says they should talk about it. Vanessa says she "has to ensure her own survival", but Jackie shuts down all of her arguments. James then says some stupid things, and Vanessa complains that nobody should be pressured on how to vote. Funny thing, considering her rampages against rogue votes in previous weeks. Jackie is clearly thinking the same way.

The room is now emptied, and Jackie is telling James that she's not buying Vanessa's bullshit. She also noticed that Austin didn't seem fully on board. She doesn't trust either of them, and Shelli needs to go. Jackie promises a "war" if this doesn't go as planned.

The next morning, the twins wake up and start complaining about Clay. "It's just I have no relatonship with him", says Liz. Julia counters that this is a great opportunity to take out a strong player. At that moment, Vanessa walks in...followed by Austin. Vanessa starts working her magic by saying that she's worried that Clay would start working with the other side if he survives. Austin says he's torn, and could go either way.

Ugh, this is ALL we get from the last three days because it's Hitmen time. In other words, it's time for me to catch up on writing and grabbing photos. I won't endure Derrick and Cody ever again.

Finally, it's time to break up the mommy and son combo. Clay goes first with the final plea, and after thanking God and his family (and way too many others) he says he wants everybody to vote for Shelli to stay. A tearful Shelli does a bunch of shout-outs and says Clay is her "heart". Ugh, this is gross. She can't wait to be in the "real world" with him, and babbles about her loyalty.

Voting then begins with Vanessa, who obviously votes to evict Clay, as does Meg, Austin, and Jackie before we head to commercials. Yes, we know what's going to happen here, despite CBS' attempt to make it look like it will be a tossup. When the show comes back, the rest of the cast votes the same. It's unanimous! Clay is history!

When Julie announces the verdict, Clay and Shelli hug. And hug. And hug. "I'm going to miss you so much", she says. Now get to stepping, son! They all clap as heads out the door to cheers. Why? You should not be cheering somebody who volunteers to be evicted!

Chen's questions are as banal as expected. I'm not even going to bother to recap all of the showmance bullshit. Thankfully, we quickly get to the goodbye messages. JohnnyMac says they were "adorable as a couple", Austin says they were buddies, Meg apologizes and says she'll "miss that beautiful, pretty face of yours and watching you do your hair for five hours a day". It concludes with more tears from Shelli. Oooh, Chen does add by asking about the tipsy Meg moment, but Clay says that she's "had her fair share of showmances with everybody else". Oooooh, that was actually funny!

From there, it's time for another HOH competition, and affiliates were informed ahead of time that it will once again be an endurance. As we all predicted online, it's the "fill the bucket" skating comp. First Julie has to inform them that they've officially made jury, but that doesn't mean they're "necessarily out of the game" if evicted. In this competition, they can claim a prize of money or never being a have-not again instead of HOH. Oh, and Julie also announced that next week is a double eviction!

This is a fun competition, so if you don't have the feeds get them now!!! We'll have the results on Saturday's Big Brother Gossip Show. In the meantime, throw some comments up here on what you thought about tonight's episode!

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  1. The twin thing is sooo exciting, maybe next year they could get triplets. NOT.