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Thursday, August 6, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

I seriously wasn't going to do one of these tonight since I managed three in a row this week and felt that left me off the hook...but I'll most likely abandon you on the weekend again (there are decks to sit on and drinks to be had you know! haha) so I figured I may as well do a quick one.

When the show that Scott so kindly and accurately recapped ended, we were left with all the house guests engaged in the slip and slide HOH competition. Something a little bit unique this year (and if I'm wrong feel free to correct me in the comment section) was that instead of smaller jars beside the big one for people who wanted to play for reward, rewards were included in the big jar. The two rewards were a prize of $5000 and a Never Not pass (meaning the winning house guest would never have to be a have not for the remainder of the season). If you filled up your jar and were far enough ahead of others, you could choose to go for the prizes as well as HOH and it wouldn't hinder your progress for HOH.

When the feeds returned, we saw that Jackie, JMac, Becky and Julia were all ahead of the other houseguests. We honestly weren't shown much of Steve, Austin, Meg, Liz, Shelli or Vanessa. Austin was huffing and puffing like he was running a marathon and Meg was playing just like she has been this entire time, like this is summer camp. Seriously, this girl really is this season's Valerie; she cannot win a competition to save her life.

Basic Becky basically owned this comp from the start. She continued to build on her lead slowly but surely until you knew there was no way anyone else would catch up. She had a quick, steady pace that she managed to maintain fairly well, she had no falls (that I noticed) and had an excellent cupping strategy, which sound a little dirty but isn't. ;) In the end, she won all three prize: the $5k, the Never Not pass and of course, the HOH!!!

*Side note* There was a funny moment where she claimed the $5k and stated she would wait to win HOH until someone caught up enough to win the Never Not pass. I was a little thunderstruck at this for a moment because not only would it be stupidly risky but it would be STUPIDLY RISKY! Someone totally could've scooped her HOH from her by blind siding her. Dumbass. Obviously this didn't happen, but it was just ridiculous that she even considered doing this for a second.

After everyone returned to the house to clean up and rest we saw just a tiny bit of the game play that is sure to intensify once the HOH room reveal is over. JMac and Steve had a short conversation in the comic room where Steve fishes for information on where Becky's head is at from John. John's picking up his game a bit, but choosing to trust the wrong person in my opinion because Steve will of course reveal everything to Vanessa. JMac made a statement that 'Vanessa made a deal that she wouldn't target me until final 9...but I know she wouldn't care if anyone else did.'

Shelli shed a few tears for her fallen love. You know, the one she only kissed for the first time the other night and has only known for 3 days. Whatever Shelli, get it together and play the game or go home. There's no time for mourning in Big Brother dammit! ;)

Vanessa, after claiming she wasn't going to talk for 12 hours because she is so exhausted and just going to bed, had a little chat with Jackie in the purple room (and Meg joined them within a few minutes) in which she attempts to explain the Clay/JMac/James fiasco fight from earlier today. (I was at work and missed it, so I've no idea what actually happened). This was an interesting conversation as well because Vanessa was totally playing it like this fight was what flipped the script and that this was the reason everyone decided to vote out Clay instead of Shelli. Both Meg and Jackie rather diplomatically call her bullshit on that by commenting "Oh no, there was some weird stuff going on before. We had heard differently from other people that Clay knew he was going home." Vanessa tried to play the innocent, but Jackie for sure is not buying it. A lot of people harp on Austin for not getting Liz body language and cues that she's 'just not that into him' but the same can be said for other house guest interactions. Jackie had her back towards Vanessa with her head turned away, but still awake while listening. She was clearly not buying anything Vanessa was selling at that moment.

Vanessa then went to go do her hair along with Shelli in the bathroom. I missed it at first, but a few other twitterers (is that a real thing? Is it twitterer or tweeter? Help a girl out and let me know! haha) caught the fact that Vanessa accidentally outed Freaks and Geek to Shelli; she mentioned the name, then corrected herself to call it Beauty, Freaks and Geek and told Shelli that Steve named it. (this alliance has Vanessa, Shelli, Austin, twins and Steve in it, per Vanessa to Shelli). Later, she copped to this to Steve but told him not to be mad at her, that she managed to save it by giving it the new name. I don't know, it was convoluted like most of what Vanessa says is and it hurt my brain. I'm not sure if Shelli managed to catch that slip or not, since she's in deep mourning. ;)

Most of the house guests are exhausted and resting. Becky has been called into DR but hasn't done the HOH reveal yet. I imagine that some serious gaming, strategizing and Vanessa circular talking will take place a little later tonight. I am officially out though, I need an occasional good night's sleep you know! ;) Look for nominations to take place tomorrow. In my dreams, Becky nominates Vanessa and Shelli and we watch the fallout of Vanessa being on the block for our entertainment pleasure this week. Don't get me wrong, I don't want Vanessa to go, but it would be interesting to see how she handles the pressure of being on the block! What do you think will happen? Give me your predictions in the comments and have a great night everyone! Let me know @Shienara33 on twitter if anything exciting happens tonight. :)

After HOH reveal, Becky, James, Meg and Jackie remain in the HOH room. Becky says she wants to nominate Shelli and Steve; they will tell the others that they are 'sticking to the plan' that was made. They will tell the others that John will be the back door plan but Becky really intends for Vanessa to be the back door plan. There are a few minor problems with this plan (such as if Vanessa wins POV and takes Shelli down) but in general it looks like we might get another interesting week. Hopefully Becky doesn't fold at the first conversation with Vanessa! haha


  1. For someone who works out all the time, Austin is always exhausted in physical comps and/or has a backache.

    1. I know right? Besides that one HOH he won and then was dethroned in, he hasn't won anything! Some of it was throwing comps, I know, but rights he should be winning more than he is! lol

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  3. loved the shots of Clay resting his chin on Meg's titties. It will be fun at the end of the show to see the look on Shelli's face when she finds out that horndog was already goofing on her while he was still in the house.

    1. If he's still even interested after two know BB house guests have crazy fans, even someone like Clay will have sycophants chasing after him! haha